Corporate Insolvencies Up By 48%

With corporate insolvencies on the increase, we explore the statistics to find out what this means for businesses and how the future might be changing.

New Powers for the Insolvency Service

With so many businesses still facing tough times, paying back a loan can add extra unwanted pressure, but those directors who have found a solution by dissolving their company in the hope of avoiding their actions being investigated, will hopefully think twice before doing so.

Pre-Budget Business Decisions

With significant changes looking likely to happen in the budget this March that could have a detrimental effect on some business owners, now is the time to be reviewing the future.

Looking Forward to 2021?

It has been challenging year both for businesses and for each of us personally. I think it’s a true sign of human strength that we’ve adapted so well to survive this.

Meet Adam Paxton

Adam Paxton works as an Insolvency Administrator at BLB Advisory, dealing with the day-to-day handling of cases.