Review of the Year 2021

In what has been another very difficult year for businesses, we look at the highs and lows, and whether we’re heading for a more stable 2022.

Debt Respite Scheme (Breathing Space)

The government, conscious of the increased stress on those individuals with spiralling debts and creditor pressure, has put legislation in place to allow a breathing space where they are protected from creditor action while they take advice on how to deal with the issue.

Joint and Several Liability Notices

Joint and several liability of company directors will make directors personally liable for tax debts in situations where they are suspected of abusing the insolvency framework in order to avoid paying taxes.

The Autumn Budget Review

Following the recent budget, we have reviewed the main points and we’ve provided some thoughts on what these changes may mean.

The Autumn Budget – Our Predictions

With the pandemic having racked up a sizeable debt, is it inevitable that Rishi Sunak will introduce even more financial blows to repay what we as a country owe? We summarise our predictions.

Negative Knock-On Effect to Businesses

Many businesses have already been affected by the recent price hikes in energy prices and the difficulty in the supply of fuel, and it’s predicted that even more businesses will suffer as a consequence of the knock-on effect. Will your business be one of them?

Will the Autumn Bring More Problems for Businesses?

The 1st October sees the lifting of another form of protection for Limited Companies, with the suspension of the Winding Up moratorium coming to an end. Could this mean even more of them could be facing irreversible problems?

Corporate Insolvencies Up By 48%

With corporate insolvencies on the increase, we explore the statistics to find out what this means for businesses and how the future might be changing.

New Powers for the Insolvency Service

With so many businesses still facing tough times, paying back a loan can add extra unwanted pressure, but those directors who have found a solution by dissolving their company in the hope of avoiding their actions being investigated, will hopefully think twice before doing so.

Pre-Budget Business Decisions

With significant changes looking likely to happen in the budget this March that could have a detrimental effect on some business owners, now is the time to be reviewing the future.