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Meet Kyra Turner

Kyra Turner is part of the technical team at BLB Advisory. She plays a vital role in collating all the information needed in respect of the cases that are dealt with at BLB Advisory. This includes liaising with the directors of a limited company and their professional advisers to compile statutory reports, and to guide directors, creditors and employees through the insolvency process. The ethos at BLB Advisory is that all members of the technical team are required to work on all aspects of an assignment, from the initial introduction until it is finally concluded once everything has been completed. This involves Kyra needing to keep track of timelines and to take ownership of all aspects relating to a formal insolvency appointment, including the realisation of assets, investigating the conduct of the directors, adhering to the insolvency legislation and distributions to creditors.

This is a big change in role for Kyra, who has a background in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. She worked for the NHS for 12 years, even working through the pandemic in a pharmacy dispensing medication. However, while she enjoyed this role, she felt she reached a plateau in her career and she decided it was time for a change.

Kyra has always found insolvency interesting and she really enjoys this new challenge. Kyra was introduced to BLB Advisory through a mutual acquaintance and had a formal job interview to commence the role as a Trainee Case Administrator back in 2021. One of the things she particularly enjoys in this new position is that she is still helping people through tough times, and she is finding it incredibly rewarding.

As with any change in career, there has been a steep learning curve for Kyra, but she is keen to progress as much as possible. The structured approach to the role particularly suits her personality as she is quite a methodical person. Her day to day activities allow her to use her innate organisation skills.

In 2021, following the changes seen in the business world due to Covid, BLB Advisory adapted its culture, and hybrid and flexible working is now openly considered to ensure that the company has access to the best talent. This new approach led to Kyra joining the team. Whilst she is a hybrid worker, she regularly commutes to either the Hereford or Coventry office when needed. She looks after cases in both of these geographical areas, as well as clients from our Worcester office. Kyra enjoys coming into the office to catch up with her colleagues.

Outside of work, Kyra loves to spend time with her miniature Dachshund dog, Astrid, and she enjoys drawing and painting. She also loves her garden, and her husband bought a ‘do-er-up-er’ house and she has enjoyed interior designing, assisting with building and making it her dream home. Most of her current time is spent renovating her house!