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Nurturing Talent

There seems to be a trend in our industry at present whereby many businesses are having difficulties with attracting new staff. At BLB Advisory, we have taken a proactive approach to how we attract and retain our team members, and we wanted to share our approach as it seems to have been successful.

The core of our focus has been on the culture of the office environment and the wellbeing of our team. We decided as a management team that we needed to do more than just invest in the future careers of our staff. We knew we also needed to nurture them as individuals too.

It is well publicised that there is currently a scarcity of good candidates, and recruiting is proving to be difficult across a number of industries, but particularly in the professional services sector. If that’s not enough of a problem on its own, candidate expectation has also increased, with there being more of a requirement for employers to offer a flexible working environment. When you then also factor in that, due to the cost of living crisis, businesses have seen a significant increase in labour costs, this spirals up to be a huge issue.

We work in a sector where our key asset is our staff. We need to attract the right skills and the right personalities to ensure that they can do the job and deal with our clients in the best possible way.

As part of our commitment to both the professional development and the wellbeing of our staff at BLB Advisory, we have started a wellbeing initiative to encourage healthy work and lifestyle habits.

Our Wellbeing Initiative
This new initiative has been actively embraced by the team. As part of it, we encourage work sharing to ensure that no specific individual becomes overwhelmed. Furthermore, every team member has been given a new smart watch to enable them to track their health data. As a lighthearted incentive, we have also introduced a new reward scheme based on how healthy the team are as a collective, encouraging a team spirit that benefits everyone – both as a whole team and everyone individually.

The results of this new initiative have been nothing but positive. Not only has it led to an increase in productivity, but the culture in the team has also improved. We are now all far more connected, and the environment, for both our in-house and hybrid workers, seems to be healthier and more vibrant. We have been able to see a much happier team.

The Next Generation
Despite there being negative experiences to recruitment for many businesses in our present climate, we wanted to share a hugely positive experience that we recently had.

Last month a young person from Sixth Form College joined us for a week as part of her work experience. This was her first taste of being in an office job, but she thoroughly enjoyed it and she told us that she has “learnt a great deal about business”.

All of the team enjoyed having her with us, and we hope to work with her again once she has completed her A levels. Her commitment and attitude were faultless. Notwithstanding that she had a challenging commute, she was always well presented and ready to commence work well before 9am. At BLB Advisory we have quite a young team, and we are delighted to see the enthusiasm and dedication of the next generation of potential insolvency professionals.

For any business that is struggling with attracting and retaining talent, we can’t recommend the approach of nurturing wellbeing more. We wish you the best of luck in your recruitment.